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Engineering careers are in high demand. There are many qualified men that feel as if women engineers have a definite advantage over them due to the perception that women can use their looks and charm to get a position even if a man is more qualified for it. While this may be a common perception, it is very possible to find a woman engineer that is just a qualified and maybe even more qualified than their male competition.

It is true that many women, when dressed to impress for an interview, look much more appealing than their men competition. Women have a larger choice of attire for an interview that could show off their physical attributes. Men have the normal, shirt, tie, suit jacket, and slacks. While they can change up the color of their outfit, they do not have much that they can do to make themselves look more appealing. When they apply for one of the open engineering careers, they have to rely on their intelligence and their ability to showcase their abilities. A charming smile and clear appearance never hurt anyone either.

When women get ready for an interview for an opening in the engineering careers, they can dress very sexy and still look professional. Because women have clothing options that show off their bodies, they are often looked upon as someone that is getting the job based on their looks. What many may not know is that there are many very qualified female engineers that have the intelligence to outshine any of their competition in an interview. Being beautiful, of course, does not hurt their chances at all.

For most women with an engineering degree, getting a job based on their knowledge and experience is much more important than getting hired because they are attractive. If an employer were really to hire someone based on their looks alone, the job that they need done may not ever get accomplished. Employers know that training for a new employee is costly so they would not risk hiring someone that is not qualified just based on her looks.

The myth that a woman engineer will be hired before a man that is more qualified just because they are attractive is one that will likely never disappear. While men have less obvious ways to show off their physical attributes in their interview attire, women will still have to have the skills and knowledge that it takes to be successful in the open engineering careers. It is very easy for a man to blame the fact that they did not get a job on a woman dressing provocatively or because of her looks. While it may not be a true statement, it makes getting rejected a little easier to swallow.

There are many instances where a man is promoted in engineering careers before a woman. Women often feel that the engineering world is a man’s world and that they do not have a chance to get promoted even if they are more qualified. The truth behind this matter is that the most qualified potential employee, man or woman, will be promoted to the open position.

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