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Have you ever wondered if you could make a career out of writing? Most of us are creative in some way, and often, those creative influences can be focused to the written word. A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder of says the ability to turn a great story into a great article is only the first step. Proper grammar is an absolute must. Verb tenses, sentence structure and punctuation are all so ingrained in us, we often forget those lessons learned in elementary school. You know the ones: “a before e, except after c” and other quirky ways our teachers taught us proper grammar.

Generally speaking, there are two types of writing in big demand. Of course, writing for the internet is a wide open market with many employment experts, including A. Harrison Barnes, believing there will be a continued growth in this arena. Still, those who wish to write for websites, blogs or articles must have a grasp of search engine optimizing, keywords, their densities, placements and other relevant ways of making the most out of the content. There are, as you might expect, many out there looking to make their own mark in the literary or internet markets; however, as with most things, only the strong survive.

Think you can pull it off? Now’s a great time to check out the many writing jobs available on Maintained in real time, these jobs provide opportunities for both new and seasoned writers who are looking to break into the writing market. Whether your aspirations include freelance writing for several print magazines or if your interests are more focused towards writing legal briefs, journalism reports or even advice columns, you are sure to find those job openings that allow you to flex your creative side. Of course, you will need to update your resume and if you haven’t begun a clip file, now’s the time to do so. A clip file includes past works you’ve done that are usually submitted with your resume and reflect both your writing style and skills. In today’s technologically advanced market, your clip file will likely be electronic in form. Anytime you are published, and provided you have the rights to reference it, it should be included. Keep in mind, however, ghostwritten articles are sold without crediting you as the author. If you’ve ghostwritten articles, stories or novels, you have an obligation to not mention it. In fact, you may be breaking a contract or other laws if you agree to ghostwrite a work and then use it as a reference. In essence, you’re “outing” the name of the one who signed the work as his own.

Writing jobs are rewarding and can provide an excellent income- either in a part time or full time manner. Many writers work from their homes and support themselves and their families with the fees earned from writing. Once you have built a clientele, you can usually always find available work. Work on the reputation, ensure your work is solid and respect your deadlines – and a new writing career can be one short article away

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