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Looking for a job but have little ones at home? Many of us can relate to the art of juggling our responsibilities at home while also trying to schedule interviews. What many aren’t aware of, says A. Harrison Barnes, career coach for, is there is more than $2 billion available in stimulus money.

earmarked for child care services so that parents can continue their efforts of finding a job. But there’s more: these funds, part of the Child Care and Development Fund, are available even after parents have secured employment or opt to return to school. Part of the Department of Health and Human Services, the guidelines aren’t difficult and qualifying might be easier than you realize.

While these monies have been available for nearly a year, it’s surprising the number of job seekers who aren’t even aware of the fund’s existence. Each state was allocated a percentage of the total based on certain criteria. One state may receive one million, while another state is eligible for over four million. Regardless, the goal is to ensure everyone who needs the additional help has access to it.

Actual child care centers aren’t left out, either. There are programs available for daycare and child care owners to increase their staffs, provide training and even expand their buildings to grow their businesses. This means, too, there are more daycare provider jobs available in nearly every region of the country. Each state has its own guidelines daycare owners must adhere to when hiring new employees, including background checks for past criminal convictions, drug testing and usually a licensing procedure maintained by the respective state. If you think this industry is right for you, you might discover a lot of job opportunities, says A. Harrison Barnes.  In fact, this is one sector that has remained fairly stable even as other sectors, including manufacturing and construction have struggled with layoffs.

The ideal place to start the search is with Here you’ll find thousands of open jobs that are kept current in real time, an article database that can answer even the toughest questions on everything from acing the interview to approaching your employer for a raise to how to decline a job offer with grace. The staff can also provide assistance in preparing a flawless resume, too. Whether it’s an administrative job you’re looking for in the child care industry or a teaching job that is often found in daycares across the country, if it’s advertised anywhere, you can be sure the folks at have access to it. Employers know the best applicants are members and as a result, we are their first – and only – option when they have a job opening that needs to be filled.

Caring for children is a noble profession that requires patience, skill and the ability to relate to children. It can be trying or even downright difficult at times, but it truly is quite rewarding.

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