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A major part of superintendent job is to get estimates. These are approximate calculations of quantity. In other words, it is what an item would cost. Estimating a list of material and other costs directly or indirectly associated with the construction helps in getting the final costing of a project. Data needed for preparing an estimate includes: Plans and other relevant details; specifications which indicate the nature and quality of materials to be used; and rates at which different procedures are carried out. For this entire estimating process the drawings should be clear and true to scale.

Superintendent job description and construction estimates
Construction superintendent job description also requires one to see to direct and indirect costs. Direct costs include lumber, concrete and labor. While indirect costs are the ones which the builder charges to keep the businesses running. Overhead cost pays for contractors’ phones, power for office and payroll service. There are three main steps for construction estimating because accuracy in bidding is important. First step is to take out quantities where measurements are taken from drawings and entered on dimension paper. These measurements would depend upon the unit of measurement. Next step would be of squaring out where in the superintendent’s work out areas, volumes, etc. and add their total in known units. The last process is that of abstracting. Here all items plus the net results from the previous steps are transferred from measurement sheets to ruled sheets. Cross checking of figures helps in this process to get accurate results.

How to minimise the estimated cost?
The best way to get things done at a reasonable cost is bidding your project. Interview members from whom you receive bids and try to know what type of material, labour machines they are going to use for your project. After the project starts it is part of the superintendent job to keep an eye on the expenses and see that the project does not go over budget. Though all said and done construction estimating is a variable term which can never give cent percent accurate figures.

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