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The Bureau of Labor Stats will receive its December 2009 findings on Monday, January 11, 2010. There’s a bit of good news, but as we’ve come to expect, there’s a bit of bad news ribboned in too. There were a total of 2,100 jobs lost in the legal sector during December, bringing the grand total from December 2008 to just under 43,000 ending in December 2009. That’s significant, considering the need for solid legal representation across the board continues to rise. Still, when compared with the U.S. as a whole and its 85,000 lost jobs in December 2009 alone, a bit of perspective begins to shape.

Another significant fact is December marks the second month in a row that the job losses in the legal sector have slowed. In October 2009, there were a total of 5,800 jobs lost and in November of the same year, there were 2,900 jobs lost. Overall, the unemployment rate held steady at 10%. So what does this mean for new lawyers who are attempting to find their own niches in the legal field? A. Harrison Barnes says while the job losses are disheartening, it’s important to remember these job losses also include secretaries, paralegals and anyone else employed in the collective legal field. In fact, on, there are currently over 100,000 jobs available right now. These include:

* Legal jobs from every law firm in the country
* Positions with every public interest group
* Legal positions with the Federal and state governments
* Jobs for legal students; and
* Jobs for legal secretaries, paralegals and other support personnel.

A. Harrison Barnes began as a way to bring the legal field together; a place where research can be conducted, help with legal resumes can be found and of course, a universal listing of every legal position that’s maintained in real time. has found success with Barnes’ approach. Absolutely no advertising is accepted on any of the sites and it is structured to benefit the job seeker. This award-winning site leaves nothing to chance; it is the first and last place those looking for legal careers go to.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Barnes has pulled together an extensive database of resources and articles that address every aspect of law. Regardless of whether it’s a law student looking to research his possibilities after passing his state bar or seasoned law firms looking for the sharpest legal minds in the country, Barnes meets the challenge time and again. His staff of three hundred plus, each with his own area of expertise, stands ready to help with job hunt for thousands of lawyers, paralegals and other legal personnel. A team dedicated to assisting with resumes is an added bonus the competition simply can’t match.

While the job market struggles to level out and the recession still burdens each of us, finding a job in one’s chosen legal field should not be an additional burden filled with disappointment. Let the team show you the difference in pounding the pavement for any offer and the luxury of choosing the right offer that’s been made by any number of employers.

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