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Domestic violence is one of the most common types of threat faced by millions of spouses, children and immediate partners all over the world. Domestic violence can be of different kinds such as physical abuse like shoving, throwing objects, hitting, kicking or biting. Domestic violence also amounts to sexual abuse, control, domination, covert abuse or passive abuse.

The CEO of LawCrossing, A. Harrison Barnes points out that the laws pertaining to domestic violence are not universal; rather they vary from one country to another. The countries that top the list of domestic violence are the Unites States of America and United Kingdom. It is a very serious issue that affects more than 32 million of Americans.

There are different kinds of physical abuse that has been referred to by A. Harrison Barnes. He states that in case of domestic violence, it is very important that you get in touch with the legal professionals who will provide you with legal assistance to come out of the traumatic situations. It becomes mentally challenging to face humiliations, threats, and intimidations every day.

The physical abuses that may be inflicted to a child or spouse may amount to rape and even murder. The cases of direct physical abuse may lead to throwing of objects, harming the pets and destructing objects all round the house. Domestic violence also includes emotional or mental abuse. The verbal abuses can affect self esteem of the individual and completely shatter ones confidence. Incidences of attacks put down and insults are very common in this case. Apart from the physical and verbal abuse, another kind of abuse may be nonverbal threats. These threats include body postures, gestures and facial expressions. A. Harrison Barnes states that psychological abuse can also be very traumatic. In this case the victim’s social contacts are curbed. People who faces emotional abuse tend to slip into a state of depression, suffers from stress, anxiety, eating disorders and sleeplessness.

Their economic resources are restricted. In cases of economic abuse the victim is not allowed to complete his education, or seek employment. The victim’s social resources are squandered and misused unnecessarily. Domestic violence can be extremely traumatic. Another form of physical assault may be the sexual harassment. The sexual harassment can be divided into three categories. Most of the victims have been raped by their partners during the course of their relationship. The conditions under which an individual is forced into unwanted, unprotected or degrading sexual activity, it can be said to be a case of rape or sexual abuse. Even if your partner forces you to enter into sexual relationship with him or her against your will, it becomes an act of violence. The women, who are sexually or physically harassed, are at high risk of being killed or injured. Sexual abuse is a criminal offense, in case you are physically abused or subjected to torture, make sure that you contact a lawyer engaged in the law career.

The most common types of domestic violence, according to A. Harrison Barnes, include murder, negligent homicide, child abuse, harassment, kidnapping, property destruction, sexual assault, rape, assault and robbery.

The victims can fight for justice, incase they are facing domestic violence. There are many legal measures like “no contact” and other kinds of restraining orders to prohibit the offender from getting in touch with the offender. The lawyers engaged in legal jobs, treat the victims as witnesses and do not possess the authority to drop charges against the authority says A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of  Legal counsel is provided to those victims who cannot afford to seek help from the lawyers. Each of the cases pertaining to domestic violence is different, and the penalties for domestic crimes vary from one case to another.

The lawyers engaged in the legal career can assist you in dealing with the court cases. If an offender has previous records of domestic violence against him, he may have to face harsher penalties. Get in touch with the lawyers in the legal firms to collect more information about the ways in which your basic rights can be insured, in case you are a victim of domestic violence. A person if found guilty of domestic violence can be imprisoned or sent to rehabilitation centers, where they undergo domestic violence treatment programs. Those who are convicts are forbidden to possess a firearm.

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