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Legal writing is an exciting way to combine your passion for writing with your passion for the law. There are countless ways writers make a living in the legal sector. We asked A. Harrison Barnes, lawyer and founder for his take.

What kind of projects can a legal writer expect?

The options are many. Everything from newsletters that are sent to clients to blogs, website content, the design of new forms and even newspaper articles are what a good legal writer can expect to come across in the course of their careers.
Who do legal writers come in contact with on a daily basis?

This depends on the dynamics the law firm and writer agree to. Often, legal writers juggle several contracts and will work from home in the capacity of a freelancer, says the founder. Other times, the contract might include attendance at certain meetings, which means the writer may pop in from time to time. Still, there are those law firms that employ writers on a full time basis with traditional work hours. For the most part, however, you’ll discover most writers work in the freelancing field. They may have several other clients, too – regardless of whether or not those clients are in the legal field, as well.

What kind of education must a legal writer have?

It varies from state to state and law firm to law firm. Usually, at a minimum, a high school diploma or GED is required and a bachelor’s in English, journalism, communications or other similar degrees is a plus. Some writers have previously worked as a paralegal. It just depends on what the attorneys are looking for, says A. Harrison Barnes.

Are there really enough jobs out there to justify a writer’s level of interest?

Absolutely! In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says the employment outlook is expected to grow over the next ten years by at least 10%. This is about average for every employment sector, but the opportunities are there. There are jobs that are available right now and the growing number of lawyers indicates there will remain a growing need for legal writers. Also, there are many legal publications that cater to the legal world. The majority of these publications entertain freelance writers who are good at what they do.

Any other special skills that would serve a legal writer well?

SEO is a plus for those who write web content. It’s important a law firm’s site be found in the search engines and incorporating the right keywords and SEO efforts is crucial.

How do I find a job as a legal writer?

Ah, that’s the easy part. Visit for information, tips and job leads for this position. We offer the largest job aggregate site and you’ll see firsthand jobs that aggregate around the clock. This means you waste no time chasing down leads that are a week old. We have several legal writers who found their dream jobs, courtesy of

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