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Finally – that long awaited promotion came through and now you’re on the career freeway, cruising along with no roadblocks.  Or so you think.  Many employees find themselves trying to settle into their new positions, but being hindered by co-workers and even managers who seem to forget they’re no long in their previous roles, says founder, A. Harrison Barnes. “While it’s reasonable to expect a bit of transition and even a small block of time to help your replacement settle in, if six months down the road, you feel more like you’re working two positions instead of thriving in one, it may be time to change strategies”, says Barnes.  So just how do you approach a boss who only a few short months ago propelled you forward?  The founder and career coach offers these tips:

* Of course, you’ll want to schedule a few minutes with your supervisor when you can talk freely.  Reiterate your appreciation for the promotion and let him know you’re handling it well.  You don’t want him to misunderstand your frustration is with your role.

* Point out a few ways that you’ve helped your previous department transition without your presence.  Something like, “I’ve really enjoyed working with the new employee as she’s settled into my old position.  You couldn’t have chosen a better replacement”.  This should let him know you’re a team player and that you didn’t bail the moment you got the promotion.

* You might want to ask, as a way of gently easing into the topic, “Is there anything else I can do right away that will allow the replacement to work independently?”  From there, you and your supervisor will be able to ensure you’re on the same page in terms of closing that final chapter.

* You might also suggest that your old department begin to lean on someone else who might be familiar with your previous post but who is still in that department.  Reiterate again that you’re available if no one else can step in.

* Finally, A. Harrison Barnes says the majority of companies are still recovering from having to lay off significant portions of their workforces.  It may be that you will have to wear more than one hat for awhile.  Keep your focus on the promotion and recognize that eventually, you’ll be able to dedicate all of your working hours to thriving in your new position.

Remember, it’s supposed to be a team effort with everyone sharing the same goal of ensuring profits for the company so that a paycheck is ensured for you each month.  If you become resentful, you’re not doing anyone any favors – especially yourself.  You don’t want anyone second guessing their decision to promote you.  That said, if it becomes too much and you feel as though your new position is lacking, be proactive and be honest.  There’s a solution; you just have to find it.

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