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Recruiters have come to play a crucial role in a company’s foundation.  The good ones can spot a superb job candidate from a mile away and the really good ones know how to rein that perfect candidate in, all the while striking  perfect solution for both his employer and the candidate he’s attempting to attract.  But there’s more to it, says A. Harrison Barnes, a respected career coach and founder of  For starters, this is a nearly 3 billion dollar industry, says Barnes.  A company’s recruiter will possess many skills, including the ability to network, build professional relationships and influence candidates to come on board.  But before a recruiter can attract excellent job candidates, your company must first attract the right recruiter.

With that thought in mind, A. Harrison Barnes has a few ideas that should put you on the right path.  Keep reading –

* If you’re on the job board, it’s likely you’ll discover many candidates who can meet the unique problems of your company and will devise effective solutions that are both cost beneficial and ready to go to work.  Our well rounded and educated job applicants are well versed in the ways of in house recruiting.
* The right candidate will have several methods and procedures he uses to draw in the best talent, including the ability to incorporate the latest networking tools and social media.
* The right candidate will also have strong salary negotiation skills that are perfectly balanced both for any potential employees he attracts and for your company’s  financial considerations.
* A qualified recruiter will also be adept at public speaking and will ensure he attends the most significant events in your area, if for no other reason, to test the waters in terms of experience in your local areas.
* A recruiter never loses sight of where his loyalties lie and will serve as a representative for your company, all the while keeping your best interests in the forefront of his efforts.
* Finally, a good in house recruiter will be well rounded, educated and versatile.

Salary requirements will vary and will likely be influenced by which region of the country you’re in; those in the northeast will expect higher salaries than, say, those in the deep south.  Also, because of his unique training, you should expect a flawless resume that’s effective and shows his experience and education.

Finally, says Barnes, be sure to check references and previous employers to be sure an in house recruiter has all of the skills necessary to pull in those ideal candidates for your business needs.  If a recruiter has a reputation for choosing candidates for the wrong reasons (think nepotism), you might wish to keep looking.  After all, you’re looking for the most savvy ways of growing your own business, with less interest in a recruiter looking to hire those candidates they relate to on a personal level.

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