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Normally companies have mission statements that are designed to provide a direction, a purpose and a push to a company or an organization. It is a guiding factor for the employees of the company or the organization. The essence of the company or the organization is captured in this mission statement. But today individuals are designing mission statements for themselves. A personal mission statement is little different from those used by companies or the organizations. They create the mission statement to guide them and to give their employees a sense of purpose. For individuals, a mission statement helps them to stay aligned to their goals or targets which they have set for themselves even before starting a career.

According to the owner of, A. Harrison Barnes, a mission statement is very helpful for job seekers as it helps job seekers to identify their values and career goals. Many times job seekers fail to secure a good job due to confusion in thoughts. By writing a mission statement, job seekers are clear in their mind and then they can work accordingly. You need to find weaknesses in yourself and situations and choose to improve them. You need to be aware of your mistakes and try and rectify them to secure the opportunity you are looking for.

A. Harrison Barnes says from his experience that a mission statement is very beneficial for a job seeker as it motivates him to do better and helps him excel. A personal mission statement also allows the job seeker to identify companies that have same beliefs and values. This further helps them to assess the benefits of an opportunity with the organization where he would like to work. Today, people or job seekers understand the importance of having a mission statement in their life. This is the reason why writing a mission statement which will motivate them in reaching their goals and make them aware of their contributions and achievements in the past in gaining importance.

Be honest and truthful to yourself while writing a mission statement for yourself. The problem which most job seekers face is writing a mission statement. They feel it is a very difficult job to undertake. A. Harrison Barnes suggests them some simple tips on how to write a mission statement.

The first step according to A. Harrison Barnes is that you need to identify and recognize your past successes. It is a time consuming process as you need to remember instances at your work or at home or in your community or anywhere else where you have tasted success. A few examples will be more than enough. Simply write down the common theme related to all these instances.

The second step includes the identification of the core values that you believe in. Just write down your top priorities and try to understand how these priorities define you. After you have completed writing them down, try and find out the important ones and bring the list down to a minimum of five or six. Once this is done select the most important values that suits you the best. These final set of values should define your character and should be the very values which make you a complete person.

The third step suggested by A. Harrison Barnes is to prepare a list of ways and approaches in your life that could make a difference. Try to analyze how your contribution can affect the world or your community, your present employer or your future employer or how it will affect your friends and family.

The fourth step is to identify your purpose or aim or the goal that you want to reach in your career or in your life. Prepare a list of all the goals both for short term and long term. You need to differentiate between short term and long term goals because you then accordingly prioritize your goals and give adequate focus on each. With this bifurcation, you will be able to understand how to approach each of them in a particular way and this will help you achieve them successfully.

The fifth and the last step suggested by A. Harrison Barnes is to write the personal mission statements based on the analysis done in the above four steps. This will help you understand and know yourself better. Understand one’s own capabilities and then writing it down will remind you over and over again your goals and your missions. It will help you visualize your goal and in doing so you will harness the powerful law of attraction which will help you reach your destination.

A mission statement can be written at every stage of your life. If you honestly follow these basic steps you will definitely be able to write yourself a personal mission statement. This will help you in your search of a job in a more systematic manner. You will have a clear understanding of what are your needs and priorities and thus on the basis of these, look for job of your choice. You will be able to identify the employer who has the same value and with whom you can be most comfortable to work with. Working with such employers will guarantee a wholesome, satisfying, and a truly rewarding career.

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