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Today, recession has hit every market of the world and that too very badly. There’s not a single home that is not affected by it in the whole world. United States of America is the country most affected by the recession. Its markets have crashed completely affecting the economy significantly resulting in the slowdown of the economy. Due to this many famous companies have either closed or have fired their employers out without any notice or reason. Companies have even stopped employing further.

The legal job market is one such field that has faced recession. It is most noticeable because of the fact that many firms have become very mean to its lawyers. Choosing to fire the lawyers was the first thing the firms decided to do; the reason is still unknown to many. A big company firing its employers by just simply saying that ‘we do not believe you are a good fit” is now very common and frequent news for all. According to A. Harrison Barnes these companies not even gave its employees a single performance review and offered no critique of their work, so one can very well understand that it is not the kind of environment expected from firms that employs highly educated professionals.

A. Harrison Barnes mentions that there was time when the firms were lenient with the employees. The period between 1998 and 2000 saw the attorneys in the best of times. In order to not let go the attorney, the firm became lenient in their performance reviews. Even the interview process was so casual and not so stressful as today. Huge bonuses were given to the employers. Even the associates had the choice of shifting to another firm if he did not find a good environment to work in the present firm.

But from the year of 2001, many law firms have become indifferent and have got bitter environment to work in. Performance reviews turned from nice to nasty. Many lawyers were fired or simply laid off at these performance reviews. Recruitment was closed by most of the firms so one couldn’t even think of changing to another firm. Even if the interviews were held, it became stressful and the hiring too was slow. Many companies even stopped giving bonuses. The complaints about too much work changed to just opposite of it.

A. Harrison Barnes is of the opinion that not all the firms are mean. Every attorney should be aware of the conditions that make the firms “mean”. After having complete information about its social and economical stability one should make the choice of which company to work with. This decision of choosing the right firm will make him survive the rough conditions. This study can be best done by contrasting different economic and social conditions at different times – both at good and poor times.

A. Harrison Barnes says that attorneys still have control over their situation. Even in bad times there are companies that treat their employees well and even post high profits. There are many firms that do not turn mean even during the recession periods. Many firms do hire lawyers and even provide best future opportunities.

Firm like New York’s Sullivan & Cromwell has survived for so long for it has many different departments that complement each other through the economic cycles. But there is even a company named Venture Law Group turned “mean” during this time. According to the information given to the by its clients, the company laid off several first year associates who were less than six months into the practice of law., owned by A. Harrison Barnes, is the site which helps to differentiate between the good and the mean firms, at bad economic condition. It allows its clients to survey the market of the firms one is looking forward to for an opportunity. It gives complete information about the firms that are growing in the economic crisis. One can easily find firms that are hiring people, who are working in departments which are not in demand during the bad economic times. provides its clients with multiple offers but it may be of different geographical locations, particular skill or practice area. Once the offers are in hand, one can survey the position of the firm in the market. They can also conduct queries with the other associates who are working in that particular firm. A. Harrison Barnes also suggests that one can examine the clients of the firm. Some firms list their clients, making it easy for the attorney.

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