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You need to be happy at your job to shape the career of your dreams. The happier you are at work the more satisfied you will be at your job. But, for most working people, job satisfaction is not easy to come by. In order to attain job satisfaction, most people make major adjustments in their career. But they do not realize that they just need to make some small or minor adjustments for attaining job satisfaction. If you feel that major adjustments are so necessary, you need to understand that small adjustments can also make the difference.

A. Harrison Barnes CEO of job site says that there can be various reasons for not having a satisfying job. The reasons can be arguments among colleagues, not getting enough return for your effort, the fear of losing the job, not having enough scope to advance in career, not having any say in decision making, dull jobs that is not related to your skills or education or interest, and contradictions with your superiors.

Barnes has some suggestions for people who are not satisfied with their career and are facing a lot of problem in focusing on their work. The first thing that you need to do is self assessment. Think about all your inspirations and motivations, skills and talents, interests and passions. For this seek out a Career counselor or mentor who can help you get to know yourself in a better way. After you have done this, make some strategies to get job satisfaction.

Once you know yourself in a better way then you can help yourselves become suitable for the work you are doing. Your personality should go along with the kind of work you do. If your personality doesn’t go with the kind of job you do, then you will be under lot of stress which will affect your daily work. You need to know if you are happy with the work you are doing or if you want to perform some other task.

A. Harrison Barnes suggests you to ask yourself whether you are comfortable working as a team or want to perform independently, can you work towards deadline or you want to work with little ease. You even have to identify if you wish to be a large part in a small company or be a small part in a huge company. And the most important thing that you need to know about yourself is that whether the tasks you perform is important to you or not.

This analysis will help you know what kind of job you are fit for. If you are not doing the work you would like to, then bring in some changes in the structure of your job so that you can do the work the way you want to. But if even those changes don’t work out for you, then you have to consider changing to a job you will be comfortable with says A. Harrison Barnes.

It’s nearly impossible to do a good job if you are unaware of the requirements. Most of the times, your superiors do not inform you of what is expected of you. Some are very vague in communicating their expectations. You can counter this by initiating good communication with your immediate boss and also by speaking up for yourselves.

You have to be aware of your job requirements. Your performance can be bettered only if you know what is expected of you. Though at times, it is not possible for you to know all the requirements, you have to discuss this with your superiors and clarify your position. Your only weapon is better communication, says A. Harrison Barnes. You have to choose your words and speak in a manner by which you don’t end up hurting anyone. This will help you improve relationship at your work and help you work without getting stressed out.

Apart from this, the most important thing that you need to do is to be positive at your work. You have to learn to take things in a positive manner. This will help you change your attitude towards the situations you face every day. A. Harrison Barnes suggests you to be optimistic rather than being pessimistic. This will help you be more productive at your work and even be less stressed with what you do. This will help you lead a happier work life.

You even need to balance your lifestyle. You have to see that you have enough time for yourselves; for personal relationships, hobbies, self-care and sleep. Maintaining a balance in both your work and personal life is important. You will have happiness in both these areas if you can balance it well.

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