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Are you planning to apply to internship employment opportunities then surely your first option would be to hit Internet to look for their availability and then apply. You might think you know it all about finding internship jobs and applying to them, however the truth is that very few people are able to do it rightly.

Know the reason, why? Because they lack basic understanding that this is not paper communication but online, where messages reach faster than the time it takes to connect phone to the concerned person. Hence they end up drafting email cover letters for internship employment opportunities in a manner they would be doing for paper based application.

Undoubtedly email applications have taken the human resource world by a big turbine of changes where aspiring candidates can apply to as many internship employment opportunities as they want within a few minutes by simply drafting the email cover letter and attaching the resume. Unlike paper communication world email world has its own set of etiquettes. People unaware of these etiquettes sound too casual and sloppy and so are more likely to offend the reader.

Though an informal way of communication email does not allow you to call the head of the human resource department you are addressing to by their first name or make spelling/grammar errors. In terms of format an email cover letter for applying to internship employment is similar to the paper one. Recipients should be addressed using proper salutation like dear sir/madam or dear Mr./Ms. You can use their first name only if they explicitly allow you to do so or sign email using their first name only.

After salutation comes the body of the email cover letter for internship employment opportunities. The body needs to be short, simple and specific. A better way to ensure that you are going in the right direction is to attach cover letter (composed and formatted as per the paper style), resume and other required papers. Then in the body simply mention the purpose of the email and the attachments.

At the end it is important to sign off appropriately using your first name, full name or last name for applying to internship employment opportunities.

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