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Organizations in the modern world have adopted certain strategies in order to be successful in achieving their goals. This is true of all organizations whether they are not-for-profit organizations like churches or commercial enterprises. An organization must assess its strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities and threats that exist in its environment. This is because its strengths will help it to develop competitive advantage. Identifying and exploiting its competitive advantage, which could include factors such as the ownership of an asset or a formula to make a certain marketable product, will help it surge ahead of the competition. This will eventually enable you to develop a strategy to face the competition. The same kind of preparation is essential for a successful job search.

If your job search is to be successful, then meticulous planning on your part must precede it. You will likely not find yourself in your dream job by accident. It will take persistent and deliberate action on your part. The first order of business is to assess your skills. To have a successful plan you must identify your transferable skills. This could be public speaking, organizational skills, or technical skills acquired through formal training. These skills should form the basis on which to develop your strategy. In identifying your transferable skills it is also important to assess your personal qualities. Some of these qualities could be attention to detail, assertive personality and leadership qualities. These are qualities that will be self-evident during different kinds of interactions, including social ones.

Identifying and managing your weaknesses is equally important as this exercise can help you focus on your strengths better. Probable weaknesses could be impatience with others, being selfish, being prone to myopic thinking, and a failure to see the bigger picture. As a job hunter, you need to be able to use your strengths in a manner that will downplay your weakness.

In searching for a job, it is important to consider your past experience or roles that could help you move into a new career. This assessment will help you develop an awareness of potential talent in you. For example if you are a lecturer in a professional accountancy college, your experience in that area could be of immense benefit should you opt to be a corporate trainer. Experience acquired in the hospitality industry when dealing with guests and customers can be of positive use in the banking industry when dealing with clients. It is also important that you acquire any relevant skill that may be required in the jobs that you are targeting.

The world is dynamic and jobs requirements are subject to change. Skills that were necessary two years ago may no longer be relevant. Your strengths also lie in the fact that you keep abreast with latest developments and those related to the job of your choice. As you continue looking for a job, it is important that you register with a credible employment agency. Such organizations have the necessary experience to identify your strengths and market you effectively in the job market. They assist many inexperienced job applicants by providing training on how to prepare a good resume. They also provide tips on how to prepare for an interview by conducting mock interviews at the agency.

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