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If you are studying law or considering a career in law then you must at the very beginning analyze what do want to become after passing your law course. In the field of law like the other fields there are abundant career options. If you don’t want to get stuck in an office you can practice independently. Just make sure the profession you choose must be one that matches your temperament, interests and passions. After a point of time, you might get bored and in case of heavy hectic schedule you might just end up quitting. These are a few career options available in the field of law –

1) Public service lawyer take up the administrative roles in the larger interest of serving the public. You can also take up job with local NGOs and do legal public work, fight cases for the underprivileged or the poor. You can also take up administrative roles like that of a policy officer and a project manager. A guy with a big heart would just fit into this field. The money might be a little less compared to other sectors but there is a lot of personal satisfaction.

2) The legal issues are most common in business sector. In order to get a stabilized and continuous growth businesses to indulge in certain misconduct and hire lawyers in bulk to attend to the legal standards of the business and especially be able to meet the demands of the government to have to continuous growth. In corporate sectors and huge multi national companies have a huge demand for corporate lawyers and this profession will have a great lucrative value for a long time to come.

3) You can also go in for legal research which is a more adventurous brand of work. You have immense personal satisfaction and the work will be interesting if you have knack and passion for it.

4)  A lawyer can take up work with he non government organizations or humanitarian centers working for the same purpose. The lawyers in this field must be sincere or they don’t stand a chance.

5) The lawyers can also find jobs in Legal Jobs like the secret service, CIA and so on. They can enroll themselves with the police and any such law enforcing group who always need lawyers.

6) They can find jobs in hospitals. Hospital is a very volatile and sensitive area and if5. Hospitals always have a high job requirement for lawyers to support their entire system.

7) Working in regular government offices more like an Administrative Job is very common for those who have pursued law; they have a better sense of administration. This is not a public service job as such.

8) They are required in large numbers in media houses. Being a controversial field it is, media houses need legal support to save their skin all the time as they keep landing in trouble.

9) Lawyers can go in for journalism as well as any political news have a legal angle to it and the lawyers can help them analyze the nuances of it.

10) They can go in for social service as social workers. They will be more capable of doing this than just working with them as a resident lawyer.

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