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Widely speaking, legal practice means advising clients on legal matters, preparing legal documents and representing clients in court proceedings and in legal negotiations. These are the works of attorneys or lawyers. Apart from performing these tasks at their work, they even have to manage their schedule so that they can allocate required time to each of their daily responsibilities; time management is a very important skill for attorneys. Remember that good time management equals financial success.

Another aspect of an attorney’s domain is to work on client relations, suggests A. Harrison Barnes, the owner of a job search board It is a very important task for them as happier clients bring good money. Besides, a satisfied client generates more clients for you. You will be able to represent better quality of clients with the passing of days. They will refer you to their friends, family and even acquaintances. This will increase your demand in the law market. And you will be able to reach your goals and ambitions within a quick span of time.

This is why A. Harrison Barnes, a lawyer by profession, advises you to deal with your clients with care. You have to increase the quality of communication that you have with your clients and even ensure that they feel well represented and thus get you referred to more future clients. Make their requirements and their needs your first priority.

Staff management is also a part of the lawyer’s daily responsibility. It is the duty of the lawyer to supervise the tasks performed by his or her staff. They have to become their guide to get the work done on time. The lawyer even has to see that the discipline of the firm is well maintained. He has to take care that the staff is working under the decorum of the legal organization. A proper discipline will help the task being performed with complete focus and determination. The lawyer, according to A. Harrison Barnes, needs to take care of this for better productivity. This is also a test of the leadership quality of a lawyer which is a very essential character of an attorney.

In addition, it is important for a lawyer to market him/herself for more money to flow into the legal organization. This will even affect the law career of an attorney, for this will give him or her recognition in the legal market and increase his or her demand. A. Harrison Barnes is of the view that marketing should be done by every lawyer from the day they have started practicing. It is the best survival key in the legal market. You have to market yourself to let people know about your existence.

The best way to market yourself is ‘networking’ apart from client development (mentioned above). You have to create your network both outside and inside your law firm. You can start networking within your legal organization says A. Harrison Barnes. You can be part of committee assignments; you can attend events where you can promote yourself by your presence. This will help you create your presence within your legal firm and the community at large.

You even need to set goals for widening your network of contacts within a fixed period of time. You can do this by joining professional associations, participating in alumni events and community activities where you will get to meet more people which will ultimately broaden your network of contacts on the professional level says A. Harrison Barnes from his experience.

As a lawyer you have to know your strengths and weaknesses. One of the major problems that most lawyers face is procrastination. The lawyers in their profession have to face many decisions and are not able to complete matters of importance. When they have to face many decisions in a day or deal with many responsibilities, they may end up putting off the work or the decision for the next day. You have to learn to deal with this.

You can help yourself by understanding the reason behind your procrastination and then deal with it by taking someone else’s help or try saying ‘no’ to some things or can even list down the most important and the least important things and work accordingly.

You even have to learn to balance your life. Your personal life is as important as your professional life. Thus you have to value both equally or else either of the two will suffer.

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