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Employers say that locals have a strategic advantage over others. The truth is, there are many. It is not for nothing that the employers prefer locals. They cite the following reasons while nodding for the local:

  • Cheaper Labour
  • Lower Cost-to-Company (CTC)
  • Local language and knowledge

Any organization, be it social or working on profits always looks for cutting costs and calculates its expenditure on the basis of the resources employed for maintaining staff. Quite obviously, an organization gets more than what it bargained for when offering a job to the local. The locals brings with them, the power of local knowledge and language. Therefore they are in sorts of, pre-trained people. Thus by recruiting a local, a company can seek to significantly cut costs.

1.      Tap Local: Getting a local job is not as easy as it sounds. The advantage of having local knowledge often becomes a deciding factor when recruitments are to be considered. Expectations about the local candidate are higher than what the standard is for candidates from other places. The local factor is to be played here. You have to have such knowledge about the place and the people that no other candidate has – give your employer a reason to believe in you.

2.      Local Networking: Apart from social networking over the internet, local networking and meeting people is also an important part of gearing up self to hunt for the local job!

3.      Keep your eyes and ears open with your mind: More job and vacancy information comes from peers and local contacts than any other source. Like the previous point, local contacts are a necessity in helping you land in a good job!

4.      Social Networking: When was the last time, you updated your status message? Seems like ages? Then it is time for you to be a part of the active social networking crowd. Social networking and media sites are a useful resource when using the power of local comes into the scene. Use people on your friends’ list to convey your updates across!

5.      Resume formatting: A resume that highlights your ‘local’ knowledge – this is the best way to start hunting for local jobs. Even if the language is the same, but accent differs and that is a detrimental point when it comes to local recruitment! Recruiters will love to have someone (especially if you’re in a sales job) who speaks the local tongue. That is sure-shot winning strategy to capitalize on the candidate’s knowledge!

6.      Internet: The internet is a place that perpetually hums and buzzes with activity. More people are hunting for jobs on the internet than ever before. What a better opportunity than to get hold of a local job over the internet?

Back to School: Reunions, especially of schools and colleges help further strengthen networking. The classmates and batch-mates about whom you must’ve forgotten are established people today. Use that factor and the ‘friendship’ between you guys to create important links.

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