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The engineer job in the special purpose machinery sector has been rising consistently for a considerable amount of time now. The reason for this is fairly simple and is the fact that this increase in job vacancies is due to the increase in demand for special purpose machines in different parts of the global economy. The special purpose machine industry, itself, has been growing for some time. This begs the question of what is a special purpose machine. The following are some explanations.

What is the definition of special purpose machines?

Special purpose machinery, as the name suggests, is constructed for some very particular purpose. These machines are not built en masse as is the case with most types of machinery and are custom made. Effectively, these machines are made from scratch without any preconceived concepts or notions. It is also possible for them to be special purpose machines that are designed to be a part of a bigger system or machine. In these cases, the special purpose machine would be created to serve a very particular purpose in the bigger scheme of things.

Why do people order special purpose machines as against mass produced machines?

As you have most probably already surmised, special purpose machines are in demand because they do the job they are created for more efficiently when compared against mass produced machines available in the market. This efficiency can be measured in two ways. In different words, people order special purpose machines for two reasons. The first is to save money. The use of special purpose machines which are custom made for the purpose in question leads to a considerably less amount of investment in the long term. This can be due to lower power consumption, less wastage material, better synergy or anything else that is an advantage for the client. The second reason is the aspect of time which is a major commodity when it comes to commercial industries. In fact, indirectly speaking, even the saving of time due to the use of special purpose machines can be taken as a way of saving money. Therefore, an engineer job in the special purpose machinery industry would require an engineer to optimize a process as much as is logically possible with the help of the machine.

Specific considerations pertaining to special purpose machines:

Special purpose machines are almost always designed and created fresh for one particular purpose which is defined or specified by the client in question. Effectively, it is very rare for special purpose machines to be alike in terms of size and capacity, even if they are similar with respect to their functionality. These variants of the same design are known as ‘modules’.

Popular examples of special purpose machines:

Some popular examples of special purpose machines are the linear indexing machine, multi spindle machine, rotary indexing machine, and two way boring machine, using computer numeric control in machine tools. An engineer job in the special purpose machine fabrication sector may involve any of these examples but is more likely to require the engineer to create newer concepts.

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