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Mississippi is many things. For those who call this beautiful state home, you can be sure you’ll be hard pressed to find a Mississippi native who wishes home were somewhere else. Still, the Magnolia state has taken a few hard legal hits in the past several years. Richard “Dickie” Scruggs, the once famous now turned infamous tobacco and asbestos lawyer who forever changed the way Americans view tobacco while also winning record numbers of lawsuits for those exposed to asbestos, found himself on the wrong side of a jail cell due to his greed. The Pascagoula native had the world in his hand at one time. There was a movie, The Insider, released in 1999 that starred Russell Crowe and Colm Feore, who played Scruggs. Indeed, he was quite wealthy and successful in his law career and had the respect of many. Unfortunately, his attempt to bribe a Mississippi state judge brought all this to a screeching halt.

More recently, news just broke that one of Scruggs’ cronies, Judge Bobby DeLaughter, who has a bit of time spent in the spotlight as well, was sentenced to eighteen months in a Kentucky federal prison after pleading guilty to obstruction of justice after accepting Scruggs’s bribe. DeLaughter is the one who sentenced Byron De La Beckwith for the 1964 murder of a civil rights leader, Medgar Evers in Mississippi. He is expected to report to begin serving his federal sentence in January, 2010.

Fortunately, these two Mississippi legal minds are the exception and not the rule. A. Harrison Barnes, who has played a role in the federal courts and who also worked for the U.S. Department of Justice, says the legal minds in this country are the best found anywhere in the world and that two bad apples simply do not define or lessen the significance of the American justice system. Founder of, the parent company of one hundred job search sites, including, Barnes believes solid work ethics are built from the foundation of doing the right thing and never allowing greed to seep into one’s personal psyche.

In a time when some of the most brilliant minds are graduating law school and readying themselves for their state bar exams in an effort to move forward into their chosen law practice, now is the time to move past the less than noble intentions of a few lawyers who are now dealing with the repercussions of greed and other less than ideal human emotions. Many of these newly graduated legal minds are turning to sites such as in an effort to secure the most coveted positions in the legal field. A. Harrison Barnes has formulated an incredible strategy that ensures access to legal jobs other job recruiters are not even aware of.

While Mississippi reels from the embarrassing antics of two lawyers who had so much to look forward to but opted for illegal shortcuts, these events certainly are not indicative of the citizens of this beautiful southern state whose residents define their success on earning their salaries the right – and legal – way.

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