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If you are looking for mortgage jobs today, you are likely to find some stiff competition. There are fewer positions in the field, which means you are going to need to work smart and in some cases consider relocating if you want to get into or stay in the mortgage field. If you are new to the entire scene you may be wondering what types of positions there are in the mortgage industry, here are a few of the top positions in the field.

Loan Officer

There is three basic types of loan officer in the industry today, commercial, mortgage and consumer. Commercial loan officers assist people who are seeking business funds, mortgage officer’s work with individuals who want to buy a home and consumer loan officers will assist you if you want to buy a car or other big-ticket consumer item.

Loan officers generally work in banks and mortgage companies, which mean you, could find a job practically anywhere, but your best chance will be near metropolitan areas. Larger cities mean more banks and mortgage companies for you to choose from. You should have a college education in finance, experience with computers and expect to work some long hours if you are seeking a mortgage loan officer position.

Defaulted Loans

When someone can no longer pay their mortgage loan, they are said to be in default. Smaller banks or mortgage institutions will leave handling this end of the mortgage to the original loan officer, but in many cases, it goes to another branch entirely.  This is generally done because loan officers are very busy working with new customers and cannot give proper attention to the borrower who is in trouble.

If you would like the opportunity to assist others, particularly when it comes to saving their home this end of the mortgage jobs may be just what you are looking for. There are a few differing options in employment at this end of the lending situation. Some banks employee many people to man the phones and walk customers through the different options for loan modification, while other banks will assign a specific person to the task of contacting and dealing with the consumer. Sometimes a bank or lending institution will have a combination of all these positions.

Call center careers are probably the easiest to obtain, as companies such as Wells Fargo will train you completely. You do not need any type of special degree or experience to land one of these loan-servicing jobs.

Mortgage default specialists work a little more closely with consumers and other personnel than your call center employee and therefore require a bit more experience and or training. The specific job title may vary from one organization to the next but default servicing, specialist or mortgage processor are all typical titles. Experience will vary depending on the company you are applying with, but generally, a few years experience in the finance field, experience with particular banking software and the ability to work with people are essential to the position.


Mortgage jobs are not as plentiful as they once were, first the housing bubble burst and then the economic house of cards tumbled down. This has led to cut backs in most organizations, financial or otherwise. However, there are a few locations that are doing better than average and increasing employment instead of decreasing. If you are willing to relocate to Texas or Ohio in order to work in the mortgage field you may be in luck.

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