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Applying for legal jobs assumes that you have all the skills required by the employer for whom you’d like to work. Whether you are looking for attorney jobs or another Professional Career that involves knowledge of the law, there are some very important and essential legal skills that you should have up your sleeve. Before you ever apply for a job in the Legal Sector, here are some things that should excel at in order to quickly be considered for hire.

Knowledge of Law

First and foremost, you’ll want to have substantial knowledge of the laws in your state, any federal laws, and a variety of legal procedures. This is especially important if you are seeking Attorney Jobs of any kind or a position that requires you to interact with attorneys. For example, a paralegal should have sufficient knowledge about civil procedures as well as state laws and statutes.

Communication Skills

As someone who is working in the professional legal arena, your communication skills should be above average. This includes both oral and written skills as you will more than likely be asked to prepare reports and presentations of all kinds.

Research and Analytical Thinking

Most legal jobs require lots of research no matter what field or focus of the law you are entering employment. In addition, laws and nuances to the laws are always changing so you must have the ability to find out where the laws are written. This includes law encyclopedias, books, and other sources that will be of use. Knowledge of the Internet and being technologically-savvy should also be in your skill set. Much of your legal research can actually be found through Internet sources including state and federal websites and you’ll want to use the Internet as a powerful tool to the fullest extent possible.

Once you have acquired the knowledge of the legal area you are researching, you must also be prepared to figure out quickly how it applies to your certain case or situation. Being able to analyze the law and having the logic to solve pieces of the puzzle is what many employers search for in a good legal candidate.

Organization and Teamwork

Some of the very best attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals excel at using their time wisely and organizing their resources efficiently. You must be prepared to have all your cases and laws in order as you will be using this very knowledge on a daily basis. In addition, managing your time wisely and knowing how long it takes you to research, argue a case, compose an argument, and speak to clients are also traits that are important to being successful in this type of a career.

As a legal professional, you should also be prepared to work as a team. If you are seeking employment at a large law firm then chances are that you will be partnered up more often than not.

Client Satisfaction

Finally, having superb customer service skills and being able to communicate effectively with your clients is something that you should be prepared to do. Being competent at winning cases and arguing the law is important, but you won’t be getting many repeat clients if you’re not prepared to work with them in a professional and courteous manner.

All of these skills are incredibly important when seeking Legal Jobs and gaining employment. When applying for a job it will be worth your while to highlight your knowledge of the law and all of the essential legal skills that are important to your future employer.

A. Harrison Barnes is the founder and CEO of CareerMission, the parent company of more than 90 job-search websites, employment services, recruiting firms and student loan companies. CareerMission (originally Juriscape) employs several hundred employees in 14 offices throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe. These companies were literally started from Harrison’s garage several years ago after Harrison quit his job. Harrison resides in Malibu, California. He is a sought-after career advice guru and writes articles relating to the legal community. Harrison is an active philanthropist and advocate for people reaching their full potential in their careers. Given his passion for job seekers and them reaching their full ability, Harrison recently started offering a limited number of coaching engagements to job seekers.

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