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Elderly abuse is on the rise. Those whose families cannot see to their loved ones around the clock often choose to place them in a nursing home. While the vast majority of nursing facilities are employed by caring and compassionate nurses, nursing aides and physicians, there are those that occasionally find themselves in breaking news headlines. Unfortunately, it can make those who are dedicated look just as bad. Current job openings in the legal field indicate the problem continues to grow.

Whether it’s Medicare fraud, neglect or even physical abuse, lawyers every day step up to the plate and protect some our society’s most vulnerable citizens. A. Harrison Barnes, lawyer and founder of says it’s an emotionally exhausting specialty, but necessary if we are to remain a civilized nation. While laws are catching up with those who take advantage of the elderly with stiffer prison sentences, there remains a lot that can be done before the law is even broken. This is where the right lawyer can play a role.

Lawyers who represent nursing facilities can recommend certain strategies that will lessen the possibility of hiring the wrong medical and maintenance personnel. These attorneys can help facilities navigate the nuances involved with conducting background checks while not crossing the line and leaving the facility vulnerable. The right attorney can ensure proper protective mechanisms are in place and can even guide a facility as it begins the process of firing an employee whose behavior borders on the illegal side.

All too often, it’s as much the nursing homes as its patients that are left exposed, says A. Harrison Barnes. Despite their best intentions, the wrong person is sometimes hired. Court documents don’t get filed in a timely manner and a person is already on the payroll before the indiscretion is discovered; indiscretions that would have prevented the employee from ever being hired had the nursing home had access to certain court documents. This puts the facility in a difficult position; it can’t risk being sued by an employee who was discharged, yet it must also protect its residents. It’s a fine line, to be sure.

This is where Barnes’s sites, including and, can benefit both a law firm and a nursing facility. Paralegals, legal secretaries and lawyers are hired every day from the network and nursing facilities locate those looking for nursing jobs, housekeeping jobs and maintenance jobs on the site. It’s a streamlined process with transparent policies that make the process as least stressful as possible for both the job applicants and employers.

While this country’s legal minds continue to fight for the rights of the elderly while also protecting the nursing homes who care for them, continues its mission of providing the highest quality lawyers and other legal personnel to law firms around the country. Whether you’re looking for a new career option or are a law firm in need of sharp legal minds, you’re sure to find the right match on the network.

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