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At the very outset, let me tell you that sales jobs are not for everyone. Not everyone has what it takes to do a sales job. It’s a lot more than sweet talking people into buying the products you have been assigned to market. It’s a lot more the meeting your target for the week, the month or even a longer period. How you perform at your entry level sales job (s) will tell you whether you are meant for this field or not.

Here’s the thing about sales. Particular people, having very special types of personalities are suited for this job. If you have what it takes, then you will do extremely well. Succeeding in sales jobs will demand a lot more of you than the textbook knowledge that most freshers will have. It’s a lot more about experience and communication. Here are some tips which will get you going in the right direction.

Handy Tips

  • Firstly, set a target for yourself.  If your boss has an unrealistic target for you, then, chances are, he won’t expect you to be able to fulfill it anyway, so don’t stress too much about it. Try to get as close to it as you can, but at the same time, don’t be unrealistic.
  • Medical sales jobs and software sales jobs are the most common type of sales jobs around, because, let’s face it, who doesn’t need medicines and software is essential for virtually any kind of business. For these jobs, let me tell you, you will face a lot of competition, so you need to give yourself an edge over the competition with your confidence. That’s really important and not only for these kinds of sales jobs.
  • Another thing about sales jobs is, sales is a lot about reading people and communicating right. You have to be able to portray your product in its best light, while, at the same time, not lie to your target customer. And always keep that smile in place.
  • Brace yourself for rejection. Yeah, that’s right; you need to be prepared to hear the word “No” from people in a regular basis. Don’t get disheartened and most importantly, don’t take it personally. It’s not about you; it’s just the product that they don’t like. Even if you have to deal with a particularly rude customer, do remember to be polite.
  • Make yourself a to-do list every morning before you get to work. That will ensure that you are a lot more organized when in the field and it will make your work a whole lot easier for you.
  • Another thing you can do is keep a diary and go over all the things you have done every day. That way, you can identify all the mistakes that you made on a particular day and analyze why you didn’t do so well. It will ensure that you don’t repeat this.

Sales management jobs aren’t easy, but if you learn the tricks of the trade, you’ll actually find that you are enjoying yourself.

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