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As the nation continues reeling from the loss of life and massive oil spill that continues to spew millions of gallons into the Gulf of Mexico each day, there have been new jobs created because of it.  While there are thousands of workers with no work right now, mostly shrimpers and others who rely on the plentiful Gulf as their source of income, the general consensus of coastal leaders is that these job losses in terms of shrimpers and other sea men not being able to net the Gulf waters are more of job shifts.  BP has assured locals that available positions are offered to them first.  Not only that, but for those who are looking into the future in an effort to get a glimpse at the job market, it appears there will also be many new jobs in many different sectors that will be defined as more of “permanent positions” than temporary part time help.

“Currently, the gulf coast region is taking a big hit as a result of the crisis”, says A. Harrison Barnes career coach and founder of  He goes on to say restaurants, souvenir shops and others who make their profits during the summer months when tourists are in town are already laying off workers.  One oyster plant closed its doors permanently because there were simply no oysters to shuck.  The tragedy is that these businesses survived and even flourished following the 2005 Hurricane Katrina landfall, and in fact a few even survived 1969′s Hurricane Camille, only to find themselves at a loss as to handle what some believe is soon to become a “dead zone” in the Gulf.

The founder goes on to say that many shrimpers and fishermen are continuing family businesses that date back generations, making it even more devastating for those who never dreamed there’d not be waters to cast their nets in.

For now, BP appears to be awarding contracts and leasing the vessels of fishermen and shrimpers who would otherwise be harvesting the rich seafood, courtesy of the Gulf of Mexico.  Most recently, the four states currently most affected by the disaster are giving top priority to their own residents in terms of who receives the work.  There are pleasure boats, shrimping boats and even smaller motorboats participating in the clean up efforts.  For now, this is a temporary fix until officials can determine the best route for restoring the
Gulf to its previous state.  A. Harrison Barnes says this is partly responsible for the growing tensions along the coast – no one knows what to expect from day to day.

In the meantime, the coastal states continue to announce thousands of clean up jobs that will ideally catch the tar balls and oil sheens as they come ashore.  Of course, time is crucial and because this has never occurred, at least, not to this extent, there remain many learning curves as the clean-up continues.  While Texas has not yet felt the repercussions in terms of oil washing ashore, it’s believed it’s only a matter of time and now that the coastal region is just entering hurricane season,  there is a high likelihood that the citizens of this region and others who arrive looking for work will be able to find it easily.

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