Saturday December 9, 2023

Effective Presentation of Behavior While Being Interviewed

Are you someone who has been talking to a career counselor? Are you ready for a career change and are you looking for the career advice that will get you there? When you want a career change, whether it is large or small, you will find that some of the best career advice that you […]

How to Cope With Extended Unemployment

If you are someone who has recently left an unsatisfying job or you have been laid off, you may be in the throes of coping with unemployment. With the economy in the state that it is in, you will find that being without a job is something that is very stressful. Even if you have […]

How to Guarantee Job Satisfaction

You need to be happy at your job to shape the career of your dreams. The happier you are at work the more satisfied you will be at your job. But, for most working people, job satisfaction is not easy to come by. In order to attain job satisfaction, most people make major adjustments in […]

This Day in History

February 5, 2010 marks a significant day in the legal world. Byron de la Beckwith was convicted on this day in 1994 for the assassination of civil rights leader Medger Evers in 1963. As A. Harrison Barnes points out, the longest murder case in American history was finally concluded in a Jackson, MS courtroom and […]

Why most applications are not well responded

A lawyer can only be successful in getting an attorney job if he or she performs the process of getting a law job in a systematic way. It is not an easy process rather it is an organized way that needs to be followed by everyone who is willing to get employed in a good […]

The Need for Vision in your Career

As we have all known since our childhood days, a man without an aim in life is like a ship without radar. While growing up we had often heard adults telling us how important it was to decide what we wanted to be when we grew up as that would decide the course of our […]