Friday September 29, 2023

Medical Research Assistants

Becoming a medical research assistant is a great way to work in the medical field.  It’s versatile and allows one to build a medical career around research efforts.  These employees may find themselves in a hospital setting, university setting or in laboratories.  They may work on several research projects at once or as part of […]

Jobs Created as a Result of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill – Part 1 in a Series of 4

As the nation continues reeling from the loss of life and massive oil spill that continues to spew millions of gallons into the Gulf of Mexico each day, there have been new jobs created because of it.  While there are thousands of workers with no work right now, mostly shrimpers and others who rely on […]

Got Promoted?

Finally – that long awaited promotion came through and now you’re on the career freeway, cruising along with no roadblocks.  Or so you think.  Many employees find themselves trying to settle into their new positions, but being hindered by co-workers and even managers who seem to forget they’re no long in their previous roles, says […]

Freelancing as a Career

Several months back, A. Harrison Barnes, a career coach and founder of, predicted the new employment status would be freelancing one’s skills as an independent contractor. Turns out, that’s exactly what’s happened. Barnes pointed out several of the benefits – and some of the downsides – of working for oneself as an independent contractor. […]

The Ten Best Business Schools In The World

Choosing a business school requires careful consideration and no one makes the decision lightly, says A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder of Theres no denying the importance of a college degree and with that in mind, weve put together some of the best business schools found anywhere in the world. Keep reading and […]