Saturday December 9, 2023

Freelancing as a Career

Several months back, A. Harrison Barnes, a career coach and founder of, predicted the new employment status would be freelancing one’s skills as an independent contractor. Turns out, that’s exactly what’s happened. Barnes pointed out several of the benefits – and some of the downsides – of working for oneself as an independent contractor. […]

Benefits Liaison – Could Your Business Benefit?

Benefits Liaison – Could Your Business Benefit? Seems everyone has the health care reform on their minds these days, especially companies who are trying to make sense of how it will affect their employees. Now’s a great time to define a benefits liaison who has experience with business employee health plans and who can decipher […]

Job Search Mistakes Every Job Seeker Should Avoid

A job search is not an easy journey. There are many strategies that are needed to be followed to have a successful job search. Most people are not aware of the mistakes that they make during a job search. They often ignore the important strategies of a job search and thus are not rewarded with […]

How important is a Mission Statement for Getting a Job

Normally companies have mission statements that are designed to provide a direction, a purpose and a push to a company or an organization. It is a guiding factor for the employees of the company or the organization. The essence of the company or the organization is captured in this mission statement. But today individuals are […]