Saturday December 9, 2023

Immigration Law

One red-hot legal specialty is Immigration law. It’s also a hotly debated political issue these days, too. Immigration lawyers are those who work to gain legal entry status for non-residents while also representing them in other legal issues that are part of the American structure. The E-Verify process, part of the Obama Administration’s solution for […]

Benefits of Working in Small Law Firms

When it comes to working in a small law firm, there are many benefits. One might think at first that the larger law firm would be the way to go; but in the end, many find that the smaller law firms offer more of what they need in order to have a satisfying career. To […]

Basics of Criminal Law

Criminal law, which can also be described as “penal law” is an umbrella term relative to various sets of rules and regulations bound with the impositions or penalties that can be potentially put into play for failure to comply with the aforementioned rules and regulations. The often severe penalties connected to failing to comply with […]

Myths & Facts About Legal Profession

The profession of law practice is one of the oldest careers in the history of mankind. Along with the engineering and medical careers, the legal career is one that has caught the fancy of the public through literature, films, and other media. Pursuing law as a career option has always garnered respect from society. Being […]

How to deal with Recession in the Legal Job Market?

Today, recession has hit every market of the world and that too very badly. There’s not a single home that is not affected by it in the whole world. United States of America is the country most affected by the recession. Its markets have crashed completely affecting the economy significantly resulting in the slowdown of […]

Most Essential Legal Skills

Applying for legal jobs assumes that you have all the skills required by the employer for whom you’d like to work. Whether you are looking for attorney jobs or another Professional Career that involves knowledge of the law, there are some very important and essential legal skills that you should have up your sleeve. Before […]