Saturday December 9, 2023

Working Hard in a White Collar Legal Job

The pressure to increase productivity in the white collar profession has increased by leaps and bounds over the years and the legal profession is no exception. In fact such a work culture is more of a norm in this profession. It is like an unspoken contract that you sign when you start a career in […]

Legal Practice Tips

Widely speaking, legal practice means advising clients on legal matters, preparing legal documents and representing clients in court proceedings and in legal negotiations. These are the works of attorneys or lawyers. Apart from performing these tasks at their work, they even have to manage their schedule so that they can allocate required time to each […]

How to deal with Recession in the Legal Job Market?

Today, recession has hit every market of the world and that too very badly. There’s not a single home that is not affected by it in the whole world. United States of America is the country most affected by the recession. Its markets have crashed completely affecting the economy significantly resulting in the slowdown of […]

Law Firms Working Culture

Law firms can be considered as joint ventures between the different lawyers that are associated with the firm and their associations with their own clients. In a law firm, the partners share profits as well as absorb the losses sustained. The associates who are employed with the firm can become partners depending on their performance. […]

The Death Penalty Thirty Seven Years Later

In 1972 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled capital punishment was both cruel and unusual, especially due to some states’ “capricious and arbitrary” ways of employing the death penalty. The Court ruled race placed too large a role in determining who lived or died. It didn’t stop there, however. The Court recommended new legislation be instituted […]

New Practices Aren’t Necessarily Better Practices

Let’s face it, many employers have become creative in their efforts to survive the recession. While many of these creative efforts have proven to benefit both the employer and his employees, there are those that aren’t without risk. One of these tactics is the practice of laying off full time employees and then bringing them […]

Mississippi’s Black Eye

Mississippi is many things. For those who call this beautiful state home, you can be sure you’ll be hard pressed to find a Mississippi native who wishes home were somewhere else. Still, the Magnolia state has taken a few hard legal hits in the past several years. Richard “Dickie” Scruggs, the once famous now turned […]

The Truth about Job Boards Is Out

There are many job websites that wait for law jobs to come to them from legal firms. Trusting such sites is not good for one’s career for there is danger lurking in the job boards. These websites do not work for helping law professional find good jobs but their main aim is to earn thousands […]