Friday September 29, 2023

Benefits of Law Employment with a Single Employer

Legal Jobs are not the same as most of the other kinds of jobs in the market. People switch legal jobs less often. There are just a handful of people who are possibly contemplating a shift in their law jobs and as for the well adjusted people out there who have been professionally scouring the […]

Challenges Faced Working in a Large Law Firm

There are many reasons why you would want to work in a large law firm. But there are also many things that you will want to watch out for when looking for attorney jobs. Since there are so many benefits to working in a law firm of a decent size, many people find that the […]

Working Hard in a White Collar Legal Job

The pressure to increase productivity in the white collar profession has increased by leaps and bounds over the years and the legal profession is no exception. In fact such a work culture is more of a norm in this profession. It is like an unspoken contract that you sign when you start a career in […]

The Importance of Product Assessment in a Law Job

A product is known by its qualities and can only be best used for what it is made for. As for example, you cannot use a room freshener instead of a deodorant because a room freshener is just made to freshen up the room and remove any bad odor from the room. You cannot apply […]

Legal Practice Tips

Widely speaking, legal practice means advising clients on legal matters, preparing legal documents and representing clients in court proceedings and in legal negotiations. These are the works of attorneys or lawyers. Apart from performing these tasks at their work, they even have to manage their schedule so that they can allocate required time to each […]

Legal Practice Success

Every law student has a dream to be successful in their legal career. They try to reach to the top by giving their best in their work i.e. the legal practice. Law students have many options open for them when it comes to practicing law. They have different areas to work in law firms, in-house, […]

Law firms & Internet Marketing

With the advancement of science and technology, internet has become the most powerful platform for propaganda and advertisements. Your legal business can achieve new heights when you promote or advertise your business on the net says A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of You need to incorporate details like your practice name, your contact details […]

Politics, The Law And Cybercrime

Attorneys working for the federal government are facing a new kind of threat: those wishing to start a war via the internet. The latest increase in cyber attacks appear to be originating from China, although there have been several originating from Spain in recent weeks. And their targets? The American government and its intelligence computers. […]

Who is a Juris Doctor?

Juris Doctor is commonly known as J.D or Doctor of Jurisprudence. J.D is a professional doctorate degree in Law awarded by law schools in the US. Harvard University was the first to introduce the Juris Doctor degree. J. D Degree is one of the prime requisites to get admission to the Bar. This is an […]

Legal Education Things to know

Do you want to pursue a legal career? It takes a great deal of determination and grit to get into a good law school, let alone have the opportunity to practice law with a reasonable amount of success. Completing your undergraduate degree with remarkable grades is the first of many hurdles that you will need […]