Friday September 29, 2023

Law Firms Working Culture

Law firms can be considered as joint ventures between the different lawyers that are associated with the firm and their associations with their own clients. In a law firm, the partners share profits as well as absorb the losses sustained. The associates who are employed with the firm can become partners depending on their performance. […]

The Death Penalty Thirty Seven Years Later

In 1972 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled capital punishment was both cruel and unusual, especially due to some states’ “capricious and arbitrary” ways of employing the death penalty. The Court ruled race placed too large a role in determining who lived or died. It didn’t stop there, however. The Court recommended new legislation be instituted […]

Transitioning to a Judge

Any attorney knows the prestige that comes with serving on the bench. Many lawyers have their sights set on achieving coveted judiciary benches. But in today’s job market, is that a goal that might be too ambitious for most? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this sector is expected to grow slowly, but also […]