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While the economy may be slow and jobs can be hard to find, one thing never changes Children and adults will always need education. teacher openings can often be found in local newspapers, online and on school bulletin boards.

One thing that the future of teaching jobs depends on are the budgets of local and state governments. If the economy is slow, it may mean less spending on things like education, but do not let this keep you from finding the teaching job of your dreams. While some teaching jobs may be hard to find, there will always be teacher openings for substitutes or even assistants. If you can get into the door of a school and have a few years of experience, you can increase the chance of being hired on full time later on.

teacher openings may also be more easier to find in bigger cities or urban developments. If you are looking for an opening in a rural community, it may be harder to find. Most smaller school communities have teachers that have been employed for many years at a time, and may not be in need of extra employees. Although, it is ideal to keep your eyes open for school consolidations, as extra teachers will be needed when classroom sizes grow larger.

Within the years of 2008-2018, it is projected that there will be many teachers retiring (as stated in This will increase the job growth for teacher openings about 13%. Also, the rise of enrollment for elementary and secondary schools is expected to go up as well. With the increase of jobs in different communities throughout the states, classroom size may increase or decrease. Job growth will have a big impact on the population size of city areas.

There is also a special need for teachers in particular subjects, because there is difficulty finding employees to take them. Some of these subjects include foreign language, mathematics, chemistry and physics. If more jobs continue to move to the United States as people look for a new future, there will be an increase for bilingual teachers as well. If you decide to focus your teaching education on these particular areas, you could increase your chance of finding a teaching job.

When looking for teacher openings, you can expect to find salaries ranging around $43,436 for your first few years in a larger school and if you have completed your bachelor’s degree. Those with a higher education such as a master’s degree can expect to make up to $48,747. Although, a teacher’s salary will also be based on a school’s budget too. While the numbers may not be exactly the same in other areas, you can at least to expect to make close to those figures if you have completed the necessary education requirements.

As you look for teacher openings, be sure to network as much as you can. Send out your resume’s and cover letters to schools that you are interested in, keep relationships with those in the educational community and check the newspapers, online job websites and bulletin boards regularly. With a positive attitude, a drive to succeed and your love of education, you can find the teaching job of your dreams.

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