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Information is extremely important if you want to stay a step ahead in the competitive legal market. One of the best sources of information about the market is recruiters. Recruiters have the pulse of the market. However, there is a difference of opinion between associates on sharing of this information. Some associates tend to avoid recruiters. The talented attorneys and the partners on the other hand have a more professional approach to this situation.

A. Harrison Barnes, the CEO of points out that a lot of associates fail to realize the importance of the value of job market information. He goes on to say that eminent attorneys and partners remain in constant contact with recruiters for years. Not because they are dissatisfied with their job, underpaid or disinterested, but because they want to receive the latest updates about the job market. The recruiters provide the attorneys with current news about the job market which can be very useful for growth in his career.

A. Harrison Barnes further says that irrespective of whether you are satisfied or dissatisfied with your present job position, it is very important that you keep in touch with your recruiters. This constant contact has many benefits.

The information received lets you know if you are on the right track. Recruiters keep in touch with the associates through out the day and can easily judge if a particular attorney is marketable and get through an interview. This enables you to know the market position better. Ask the recruiter the reason for finding you marketable, and then work on that particular skill says A. Harrison Barnes.

The basic nature of any human being is to overlook one’s weak points. An overweight person always tries to avoid the measuring scale. It is a challenge to accept one’s weakness and the same holds equally true in case of your Legal Career. Overlooking your weaknesses may prove to be fatal in your legal career and set you off the track. If you ignore you weak spots and do not work on them, you may be going off the track even before you realize it says A. Harrison Barnes. In order to be marketable, you need to have skills which are defined and strong. If your weak points directly affect your skills then it is a good idea to work on them. In this way, when a recruiter is looking at your profile, it will be easier for you to interact with him.

See to it that you are not ‘off track’:

Getting ‘off track’ is a very common phenomenon in the following cases:

1. If your work is not assessed or evaluated regularly and if you are not provided feedback on your work

2. If you are unable to gather enough work experience as an associate

3. If you are not paid right for your job in comparison with your peer groups

4. Working with a firm where they are getting extremely specific

5. If you do not get much opportunity to excel in your career

A good recruiter can be your friend, philosopher, and guide. They can guide you and help you before you take a wrong decision. A. Harrison Barnes says that recruiters are very closely associated with the job market and can provide the associates with all current information about the job market scenario. Even if you are having any negative conversation with your recruiter, it might be beneficial to you. A good recruiter during the conversation can point out to some of your shortcomings like your inability to excel in your career that you are not marketable, but this in the long run can prove to be very beneficial. Such interaction with the recruiters provides a wealth of information to the associate. This information should be used by the associate to further work on his shortcomings. This is some of the most valuable information you can get from a recruiter. The job market often determines the skills which you need to have to grow and excel in.

A good recruiter also advices you to move on if necessary and develop new skills says A. Harrison Barnes. He will also advise associates in case newer opportunities arise. with its recruiters can find the right job for you. With their experienced recruiters and access to thousands of jobs internationally, they can help you with information which you may not have access to.

So you see how information which you get from recruiters and the market can help you exceed in your legal career. A. Harrison Barnes of says information can be used to make the right decisions in your legal career and can also be used to improve and overcome one’s weakness. Information is power in the hands of a lawyer. Maintaining constant touch with recruiters will help you make the right decisions at all times. This will enable you to have a satisfying life as a lawyer and excel at your work.

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