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As we have all known since our childhood days, a man without an aim in life is like a ship without radar. While growing up we had often heard adults telling us how important it was to decide what we wanted to be when we grew up as that would decide the course of our lives. Often a lot of people, even after they have healthily grown up and have already settled in with a job seem to be not very satisfied with the way their life is moving at that moment. What they lack is job satisfaction and that is precisely because when they started off they had not seriously thought about what they wanted to embark a career in. What was it that they always wanted to do and would love to do as a job? Finally, the biggest mistake that they do is they never question themselves as to whether they are at all happy with their career or not, and whether it makes them feel fulfilled.

With that as the introduction what we basically aim to discuss here is the importance of crafting a vision for your career and life. This vision will ensure a fulfilling career in the long run, bringing you much needed job satisfaction as well. In this regard the industry expert A. Harrison Barnes, the CEO of LawCrossing has a lot to say.

What is a Career Vision?

To be precise, A. Harrison Barnes says that “career vision” is an all-inclusive statement that describes that particular thing which you ultimately want to achieve in your career. This is a summary of the premier achievements that you aim at, the designation that you finally want to earn, and the long lasting impression that you want to leave behind.

As A. Harrison Barnes would put it, a career vision is all about looking at the overall big picture of what you aspire and which is the inherent drive that keeps inspiring you to do something all the time, incessantly. A career vision is something that is always motivating you irrespective of the fact of where you are residing at the moment, how distant are you from your final goal and what it would take to lead yourself from your present location to the vision that you see for yourself.

Why put your career vision into words?

Once you start putting your career vision into words, it creates a deep-trodden impact on the pace with which you will be moving towards achieving it. Once you write it down in words what you actually do is set a motion in action that moves towards your final aim. As you write it down, even without knowing you start believing in the possibility of its occurrence and that the goal is actually tangible. By writing down your career vision using pen and paper what you actually do is carve a picture of your future, the absolute apex where you foresee yourself, in your mind.

As Harrison Barnes mentions at the LawCrossing, the catch is that such a vision may always not be in regard to the present vocation that you are dealing with. It can actually be some other career that you have always heartily wanted to embark into.

Now let us discuss the aspects you should consider while creating your career vision.

While you set out to create a unique career vision which will be acting as your driving force, you should be cautious and head slowly ahead to flawlessly create something that not just ignites inspiration but also a lot of energy and spirit in you for action. This is one of the most significant parts according to A. Harrison Barnes.

First and foremost, sit down when you have a lot of time. Envisioning your career is a very significant job that needs a lot of time and is something never to rush with. There is always a chance of a false start before you can actually take hold of the real spirit of a future vision.

Try to evaluate your inherent value and the mission that you have in mind. It is necessary to take these career planning tools into account as these are what help you reflect on your current drive and your current motivation levels.

When envisioning your career vision, A. Harrison Barnes says nothing like logic or pragmatism should come your way. This is true because when it comes to a career vision it is the heart that’s important and the heart says that in order to achieve what you like doing, nothing is a bad enough hindrance that cannot be surmounted. For a career vision anything and everything is possible. So just lock away all the logic poppers and the negative vibes which may stop you from thinking larger than life.

To envision your career in such a way is very important to nurture your dreams to help you achieve what you want to attain.

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