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Ever wonder how a survey of current employees of some the nation’s biggest companies would rate their employers? So did GlassDoor, Inc. For the second year, it conducted a major study that included questionnaires to countless employees of small and large businesses around the U.S. – all in an effort to discern the best of the best. Think you know which ones ranked at the top? Keep reading -the top four employers are found below.

Southwest Airlines – Looking for a pilot’s job? Maybe a computer engineering job? Southwest Airlines was rated number one by its employees. On a scale of one to five, Southwest came in with a 4.7. Not bad, right? A. Harrison Barnes, founder of and renowned career coach says when employees are happy, a business can truly thrive. Look at some what Southwest employees had to say:

“Our direct supervisors are great and truly encourage us to do our best”

“Freedom to be myself and explore the best way to do my job”

“SWA knows that the employee is just as important as the customer”

General Mills – The breakfast cereal giant was ranked at 4.5 and comes in second in the survey. This is also one of the companies that have fared better during the recession than many others. Here are some of the comments from the employees at General Mills:

“World class headquarters with generous pay”

“Amazing access to leadership”

“Efforts to develop people and help them grow are great”.

Coming in at number three is Slalom Consulting, based out of Atlanta. The Slalom CEO current has an 81% approval rating. Here are a few raves from its employees:

“The management is top notch”

“If you see an opportunity, they allow you to go for it!”

“…spare no expense when it comes to pampering their employees”

Bain & Company – This Chicago based company is considered ideal for those wishing to accelerate their post MBA efforts. With a 4.2 average, this company is doing something right:

“Life is good at Bain”

“Can’t imagine ever working anywhere else”

“Fun people, challenging work and great development opportunities”

Clearly, each of these companies have that right balance that allows them to keep their employees motivated and their customers happy. You can be sure job openings fill quickly with these companies. A. Harrison Barnes says it’s employers such as these that are common on the database and each has its own strengths it brings to the table when attracting new employees. With the recession looking as though it’s nearing the end of its stronghold on the economy, you can be sure these companies, as well as the millions more that scaled back their hiring efforts over the past two years, will once again begin the hiring processes. This means it’s time to get that resume updated, brush up on your interviewing skills and become of the growing community. And if you need a push in the right direction, has an incredibly talented and experienced team who stand ready to assist in any way they can – including help with preparing your resume.

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