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There are many job websites that wait for law jobs to come to them from legal firms. Trusting such sites is not good for one’s career for there is danger lurking in the job boards. These websites do not work for helping law professional find good jobs but their main aim is to earn thousands of dollars from a single job posted by a firm on their website. These sites are here simply to do business and nothing more than that.

A. Harrison Barnes says “The entire business model of every job site I am aware of is based on waiting for employers to come to the website to post jobs. Once the employers come to the website, the job board then will charge those hundreds of dollars to post a single job.”

They are not passionate about providing good legal jobs to job seekers. Instead they wait for the law firms to come and post a job in their website and pay them their fees. This proves that the job boards are evil. It is not right for these websites to charge money for posting a job in their site. This limits one’s search for a number of good legal jobs. For only the firms that are ready to pay for posting the job opening will advertise on such job boards.

The whole situation is worse than what one can think. These job boards then go out and try to convince people to apply to these legal jobs. In order to do so, they advertise their site by showing the jobs that are available in their website and try to get many people to apply to these jobs. This definitely turns to be good for the firms who are overwhelmed with the number of applications, but makes the odd of getting the law job 1 in 500, 1 in 1,000 or 1 in 5,000 for a person looking for a good legal job. Seeing the number of applications for a single legal position, the firms are ready to post the lawyer jobs in these job boards.

A. Harrison Barnes further states that these job boards go out and promote themselves with ads in different places like Super Bowl, on television, on radio, sides of a bus and many other places. Thus it is through these advertisements they attract job seekers to their sites and make them apply for the lawyer jobs available in the site. This makes almost impossible to get the job one has applied to due to the high number of applicants applying for the same job.

A. Harrison Barnes, the owner and the CEO of, says that the aim of their site is to get the best attorney jobs available in the market and that too as quickly as possible in the most effective way. In order to do this one has to have access to all the lawyer jobs available in the legal job market. If one doesn’t have the access to all legal jobs, nothing will change. It is the access to all law jobs that will provide more opportunities and will make a difference.

Law is a website that goes out and lists every single law job that it can find from every source possible. This site does not wait for the firms to turn up to it to advertise a law job in their website. It grabs every job on – job boards, employer career pages, government websites, newspaper websites, association websites and many more possible places where they can find jobs for their clients. But the other employment websites work like the classified section of a newspaper – it waits for the firms to pay large amount of money to post a legal job on its site. Thus the jobs that one sees are the jobs that the firms are paying to post.

Thus, one who uses the website is benefited greatly. This site contacts employer directly, scour employer websites and also keep a regular watch, checks other job boards and also monitors every newspaper, association and other online legal job sites. They are able to find thousands of jobs daily and provide them to its clients. One just needs to manage the jobs one is applying to for they have a great number of choices in their hands says A. Harrison Barnes. More choices give you more opportunity to succeed in the law career.

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