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Every job seeker uses and usually prefers using the traditional form of job search. They make sure that they have registered with a job portal, checked in as many employer’s websites as possible and also visited government and association websites. They are mostly attracted to the job portals who advertise themselves as the best job boards in the service. They present themselves as they are the only ones who can help you find a job for yourself. It is their advertisements that attract the job seekers towards them.

Popular job boards suggest that their site is the best for job seekers to start their job search. A. Harrison Barnes of says that these big sites just seem useful although they are actually not. They are not as effective as they promote themselves. Their only mission is to earn a huge amount of money from the employers who turn up to them to post job openings in their websites. They lack the motive of actually helping the job seekers. But this is not the case with which is created and owned by A. Harrison Barnes. It is in the market with just the single motive of providing the best deserving jobs to job seekers. is the best in their work. They have always succeeded in reaching their goal. has successfully helped thousands of job seekers. They have a huge database that is updated every day by the team of Their search is not limited to the United States only. They look for it in every part of the world. They make sure that the job seekers who seek their help get to know and apply at every opportunity that is available in the market. is unlike any other job board. Neither do they wait for the employers to come up to them and post job openings in their firm or organization nor do they charge a single dollar from them for posting a job opening. Rather they reach up to the employers who are not keen enough to post the job openings at these job portals. This is a difference between so called big job portals and A. Harrison Barnes’s

With the other job portals like Monster, you cannot use a functional resume even if the format helps you present your skills in a much better way. But this is not the case with A. Harrison Barnes’s It allows you to present your skills with the type of resume you think the best. In fact they even take a step further by helping you create it and even guide you with any other format of resume. They make sure that they understand your needs and requirements better by analyzing your priorities and guiding you in the best possible way.

A. Harrison Barnes says that the major problems with the big job boards that the jobs posted with them are either outdated or are not real. There are many employers who post “fantasy jobs” just to check the talent that is available in the market. The jobs that are outdated can be recognized by checking the posted date. These are the basic problems faced by the job seekers. But with you can have access to only current job openings. Since they regularly update their database, there is no possibility of you finding an outdated job with them.

Since majority of people are attracted towards these big job boards, the count of applications are more at the employer’s desk. They receive almost 1,000 resumes for a single post. This reduces your chances of getting the job because of the high competition for a single job. It is different with They have very few people using them for their job search. Thus the applications are fewer to a job opening. This reduces the competition and increases your chances of getting through the job. They even make sure that your application remains on the employer’s desk and is not thrown anywhere else.

The job boards are the third parties between you and the employer. But of A. Harrison Barnes does not act as a third party. They just help you contact the employer and rest is completely left between you and the employer.

Thus you can very well understand the difference of using other job boards and

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