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February 5, 2010 marks a significant day in the legal world. Byron de la Beckwith was convicted on this day in 1994 for the assassination of civil rights leader Medger Evers in 1963. As A. Harrison Barnes points out, the longest murder case in American history was finally concluded in a Jackson, MS courtroom and inspired many to consider civil rights as their law specialty. The case sparked worldwide attention as well as a major motion picture, Ghosts of Mississippi. Perhaps most importantly, many lawyers are inspired by this case to ensure justice never takes thirty-plus years to punish those responsible for breaking the law. This tragic case of a family that lost a husband, father and son is often used in law schools across the country and provides significant insight into civil rights, both from a historical standpoint as well as in contemporary ways the law is applied.

The story, however, doesn’t end there. In a bizarre twist, the judge who presided over the 1994 case, Bobby DeLaughter, found himself pleading guilty in 1994 for a host of crimes, including obstruction of justice when he lied to the FBI about discussing an ongoing case with a former Mississippi district attorney. Again, this black mark on the legal profession only strengthens those who believe in our justice system and keeps other lawyers determined to see these actions never repeat themselves.

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History is made every day in the legal world and it’s those lawyers who are most dedicated to the justice system in our country who find themselves in the heart of these cases. Civil rights, criminal law or family law – regardless of where you feel your calling is, has the most available jobs found anywhere. It’s the ideal place to begin – and conclude – your job search; whether you’re a recent graduate or one who’s simply ready to make that change.

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