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Juris Doctor is commonly known as J.D or Doctor of Jurisprudence. J.D is a professional doctorate degree in Law awarded by law schools in the US. Harvard University was the first to introduce the Juris Doctor degree. J. D Degree is one of the prime requisites to get admission to the Bar. This is an essential requirement for law studies in almost all the states of the United States except California. In better words, this degree is a gateway to obtain license for practicing law under a federal or state court. The Doctor of Jurisprudence degree provides professional preparation to become an attorney.

The Juris Doctor degree was initially introduced in United States during the 1960s but it recently got acceptance in the universities of other nations as well. However the form of a J.D degree is different in every country. For instance In Japan, the degree is known as Homu Hakushi.

In order to become a Juris Doctor, individuals need to get admitted to those law schools that offer this particular academic degree. The requirements to become a Doctor of Jurisprudence vary from school to school. The most general requirement includes completion of a minimum number of class hours in each academic session. Along with this you require to have attended some compulsory courses like Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Contracts and Torts in the initial year of the law school. As per the information provided by A. Harrison Barnes, the most important requirement is the course on Professional Responsibility which is an indispensable milestone to the achievement of the degree of Doctor of Jurisprudence.

The Juris Doctor degree was a replacement of Bachelor of Laws degree or LLB. This degree was soon popularized as it provided the holder with a professional recognition of a doctoral degree in the legal industry. According to A. Harrison Barnes, this is the one of the reasons why people are keener to get this degree rather than the regular graduation degree in the field of law. Another reason for the popularity of this degree is that it provides a person with a wide array of legal career opportunities. They get to work in any of the legal fields that suit their requirement. A person gets this opportunity even after having a graduation degree in some other professional field. A. Harrison Barnes, being a lawyer as well as the creator and owner of a recruiting firm, has noticed the popularity of J. D degree in the recent years.

You can achieve the honor of a Juris Doctor after completing three years of full–time study or four years of part-time study once you are over with your bachelor’s degree. This form is common in Japan and other countries apart from the United States of America. A. Harrison Barnes informs that this degree helps you gain a professional training to become an attorney.

The case method is a common form of education used in the first year of law school. This method helps you understand the basic principles of law. These principles provide the student with knowledge on how to approach different legal cases regarding the inbuilt subtleties of the case. This way they can determine the outcome of any particular case. The students are mastered in these skills which further help them in applying the knowledge to novel situations.

A Juris Doctor requires the ability to understand the various situations of a case and to sense the weak spots in a case. This ability or skill is instilled during their law school days. They require thinking like attorneys, therefore, along with the understanding of the case. Individuals will also be able to apply the knowledge to scholarly articles and legislative materials which is a prior responsibility of a Juris Doctor. The case method allows the law students to build a capability to judge a case from all the respective angles thereby providing the results with a proper reasoning. This is the main responsibility of the Juris Doctor says A. Harrison Barnes.

The ability to think as a lawyer is the prime necessity of a J.D. A Juris Doctor can only provide you with a logical answer if he or she thinks as the attorney does. Knowledge of law is equally important as the ability to be analytical in the profession of a Doctor of Jurisprudence. This is a basic requirement as the arena of law is never constant. It continuously changes and develops according to the various situations.

Juris Doctor needs to have an attentive mind along with the ability to understand the vague areas of a case. A Juris Doctor can gather knowledge in all the fields of law along with the knowledge in national and international law as his responsibility covers all the areas of law.

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